You had me at Hello

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Francheska Juliene, 17 and indecisive.
Hello  Scumbag Stalker/s I know who you are.
Unfinished Business

I was watching The Breakfast Club when I realized it was boring so I ended up checking my folders in the desktop. I found myself reading some screen captures I had for myself. Those were mostly messages from special people - especially him.

For the nth time, I questioned myself, at one point, was there ever something between us, before or up to now? Maybe something unfinished? Or something we have never talked about? 

It hit me. There has to be something. There must be. It is too late. But can we just get away from here? Away to universe that’s not so close my dear. I’m open for the real thing, and I hope I find my realness in you. 

Whenever I encounter a guy, at some point, I see you in them. Maybe perhaps, I look for you in everyone. And when I realize that they possess something similar as yours, I tend to dismiss them. And go back to the idea of being with you, and your actuality.

You are still my “Right guy, wrong time”.

It has been a year. But I still like you. I still want you.

Was there ever an us?


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More good vibes here
"I will not be your “sometimes”."
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I hope that one day, we all find someone who would love us enough to make us brave to fight for the things we consider important. Someone who would fill our stomachs with butterflies with just a smile, a stare, or a simple touch. I hope someone would love us enough to help us become the person our parents would want us to be. Someone who would teach us how to love ourselves, make us see how amazing and beautiful we are, and help us discover our value and self-worth.

We all deserve to be loved that way because that’s how we love.


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are you ever looking at weird stuff on the internet and ur paranoid its going to end up on facebook somehow because facebook is connected to like everything

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"I can’t believe I am saying this, but it would awfully nice to have someone to listen to certain music together late at night and just star gaze from the home."
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Those Days

I can still remember that conversation of ours. You told me that I may not be that annoying as I think. And that I am not really annoying from your perspective. Those were the days when it was just me, or maybe perhaps she is not yet in the scene. Those were the nights that I usually sleep feeling great and waking up to your random messages in the morning.
Well not now.
And that hurts.
Pretty much.


i like knowing character ages and heights and birthdays because it makes them feel more real to me and i like that feeling because i’m a fucking nerd

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"When its two in the morning
I’m sorry
Is the worst thing to hear"

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